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Challenging Cases on Appeal in Civil and Criminal Law in State and Federal Courts

Grounds for appeal are typically very narrow, requiring the appellate attorney to have a precise understanding of the law's construction, history, and purpose, and ability to analyze and apply case precedent.

Appellate judges engage in extensive review of the facts and law of the case and to challenge the appellate lawyer aggressively to defend his point of view. The legal issues under consideration may be novel, requiring creative thinking and an ability to put forward persuasive new arguments. An appellate attorney must craft and communicate a clear, sound, and interesting approach that offers a just resolution that appeals to the court both emotionally and intellectually.

Shireen Hormozdi has been writing appellate briefs since 2004, successfully reversing trial court decisions in favor of her clients.

Extensive Trial Experience, Impressive Appellate Experience

Preservation of error in the trial court is critical to appellate success. Ms. Hormozdi has tried over 50 civil and criminal jury trials over the course of a decade practicing law. Complex trial court matters demand exceptional legal research, analysis, and writing skills. Ms. Hormozdi uses her experience and skills to represent you during the appellate process.

It is essential for prospective clients to understand that appeals are in fact very difficult to win. Appeals by their nature are arguments that experienced judges, prosecutors, or juries have made such a grievous error that it affected the entire outcome of the legal case.

Each case is unique, and every client needs to understand that success in an appellate matter can never be guaranteed. As a dedicated appellate lawyer, Ms. Hormozdi is willing to do the hard work of bringing a challenging case to court if she can see any ethical and realistic way to do so. If she cannot, she will tell you so directly and honestly.


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