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Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Contracts and agreements are governed by civil laws and are enforceable in a court of law. A contract is interpreted in its entirety and can also be interpreted according to the series in which it occurs, such as in a succession of legal documents or amendments. The Norcross Law Firm is committed to providing excellent professional and personalized contract drafting or reviewing services.

The Norcross Law Firm will determine your personal and business goals and discuss these with you to leave no stone uncovered. Many times there is unequal ground between businesses, partners, contractors, or individuals that can come into play in contractual negotiations. Whether there are differences in size, experience or other aspects of the relationship, we know how extremely important it is to be aware of terms that can influence the path of the business transaction or expected performance.


A contract or agreement is the most important part of relationships owned by a business, partner, and contractor. A contract can heighten your success in business or be the cause of downfalls. Business owners, individuals, or contractors should never attempt to write a legal document without the help of a civil lawyer. Using generic contracts found on the internet will not cover all the layers and specifics of your unique situation and circumstance, but will instead leave holes that can be exploited later to your detriment.

A well-drafted contract written by a civil attorney is absolutely essential to avoid disputes or lawsuits that can arise from uncertainties. Ms. Hormozdi drafts contracts for clarity and to meet your individual or business goals. Attorneys familiar with lawsuits know that defective or poorly written contracts can cost you at the minimum thousands of dollars, your time, and stress. An expertly written contract will keep you out of court and won't stall you or your business. It is a means of meeting your business goals and protecting your individual and business interests.

Contract Lawsuits and Litigation

The Norcross Law Firm is also able to assist you with lawsuits, such as breach of contract, fraud or in litigation. You may have a solid contract that is air tight, however that may not prevent another business or individual from being negligent or breaching the contract. The Norcross Law Firm is aggressive in enforcing your contract and resolving all disputes in a cost-effective and sensitive manner.

Don't risk having every word, sentence, or paragraph attacked with a costly legal nightmare. Contact the Norcross Law Firm today for a free consultation about your situation. We are here to make your life easier!