Car Accidents in Parking Lots or Private Property


Car accidents can happen anywhere.  When a car accident happens in many parking lots or on private property (someone's driveway is a good example) often the police officer will not issue an offical police report.  Ask the officer for their card and the case number (they are required to create a case number even though the officer will not be creating an official police report).  Make sure you write down the date and time of the accident.  Most importantly, take lots of pictures of your car AND the other driver's car, including their license plate and any damage to their car.  Using this information, we will be able to pursue your case with the at-fault driver's insurance company, or your Uninsured Motorist policy.   You can always call or text our office cell line at 678-960-9030 from the scene if you need guidance and help.  We are available 24/7 and will respond quickly.   

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