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Shireen Hormozdi Bowman and her sons, Henry & Matthew

After Shireen had her two children, she began studying Probate Law and Estate Planning in order to create her own estate plan.  Shireen took numerous courses over the last 5 years, and attended the University of Georgia’s Fiduciary Law and Estate Planning Institute in Athens, Georgia.  She enjoys educating herself and others on their rights and strategizing to ensure that the goals are met that best protect your family.

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Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy.  Having an Estate Plan can save you and your family thousands of dollars and hours of stress.  If you pass away without a Will, the State of Georgia has written a plan for you and your assets will pass according to the pre-set laws of intestacy.  However, your family will have to go to court to pass the assets, and this will take time and money.  Also, if you have children, your family may need to go to court to determine who will be their guardian.  Why not spend the money now (and it may actually be less money – depending on your Estate)  to create a customized plan that can avoid court and allow your assets to pass according to your wishes and avoid potential arguments and stress among your family members?

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February 7, 2023

Wow were do I start. From day one, really minute one Vanessa has been a beast on my case. I came to her with a short amount of time and limited amount done to complete my case. Vanessa and Shireen swooped in like superheroes and finalized my case. After prayer to God and an extra push from this firm, these ladies closed out my long extended case in record time and for more than I thought Id receive. Vanessa's confidence and legal knowledge is incomparable. They both made me feel comfortable and confident that they'd handle everything. It was all done so well and so fast. This firm stands taller than the rest for sure. If you are looking for a firm that will listen to your plight and move swiftly with the utmost efficiency and legal know how, then look no further. DONT WAIST YOUR TIME CALLING ANY OTHER LAW FIRM. And no I get no kickbacks from this review. This is my honest to God expressive opinion and experience with Vanessa Wynn and Shireen Hormozdi and the Norcross Law firm. In two words ; Just Stellar!!!!

Tanika Hassan
August 15, 2022

I cannot recommend this firm enough! Vanessa & Alice assisted my mother on her car accident and exceeded my mom's expectation with not only the settlement, but with treatment, fixing her car, and being so responsive and amazing. Vanessa was always reassuring, provided clear explanations, & was always there to provide advices not only pertaining to the accident but life. I HIGHLY recommend coming to her & Alice!

D. Tran
August 19, 2022

If I could give 10 stars I would give them 20 stars. I had someone hit me almost head on and herniate a disc in my lower back. At the scene of the accident I was given the name of a lawyer whom I called and just did not get a good feeling about. In lieu of going directly the lawyer route I instead went to my doctor and then to a chiropractor. It was at the chiropractor as I was explaining my discomfort to my would be lawyer that another patient heard my plight and suggested the lawyer that represents his entire trucking firm. That is how I had the good fortune to meet Vanessa Wynn of Norcross Law Firm. She walked me through every part of the process and was only concerned about my well being. She always pushed me to just get better and let her take care of the rest and she did. I couldn't be happier with my settlement and she went above and beyond for me. That is why I don't see them on billboards or TV, their clients, me among them will let the world know who they are.

Steve Harris
December 2, 2022

I’m forever grateful for Vanessa and Alice. The car accident alone was a nightmare. The aftermath was also a mess. It felt like a huge weight on my shoulders having no answers, no correspondence from either insurances for months. From the first call, I spoke to Vanessa, she knew what was going on and right away jumped in to help without hesitation. I appreciated her being transparent, telling me she would try to get my case resolved but it wasn’t going to be an easy quick process. However, in the end, she went above my expectations with the settlement. Throughout the process, she handled absolutely everything. She was on top of the case, as well as Alice. They were both very sweet and genuine. I was comfortable calling them and asking questions. They would call me and text me. Vanessa was always reassuring me, any doubts and confusion I had along the way. Vanessa shared advice and useful tips for me as a young driver. I loved that she was really looking out for me. She took the time to educate me on car insurance and their policies etc. Even after my case was resolved, she let me know that she was a call away, if I had any other troubles. Forever grateful to these ladies.

Ana Osorio
September 3, 2022

I highly recommend coming here when there is a legal issue. Vanessa helped me out when I was having trouble with insurance problems after a car accident. She gave me advice for tips for any future concerns. Very helpful after my insurance pretty much screwed me over

Solomon Do
June 30, 2022

I cannot recommend this firm enough. Vanessa navigated me through the entire process until I was fully recovered. Alice was very responsive and attentive with any questions or concerns I had. They made sure I was well-informed with the entire process since this is my first car accident. I was more than satisfied with my settlement as well. I highly recommend the Norcross Law Firm & Shireen Hormozdi's team to assist you with any legal needs if you are ever in an accident!

Thao Le
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